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Welcome to GT Login! Dozens of Georgia Tech web sites use this service to determine your identity instead of asking for your username and password themselves. This has several advantages for both users and the campus:

  • One-Stop Authenication.
    • Instead of having to learn dozens of different login procedures implemented separately for every site on campus, users will recognize the familiar behavior of GT Login. And when new login mechanisms begin to appear on campus, such as smart cards and client SSL keys, GT Login will begin honoring them without requiring any change to the applications which use GT Login.
  • Single Sign-On.
    • Users who tire of entering their password over and over as they move between different GT Login-enabled sites can check the "Remember me" box, and GT Login will allow them into any further sites without asking for their password again.
    • Remember when using single sign-on to either close your browser or log out of GT Login when you are finished using your computer, or someone else could sit down at your browser and enter web sites as you! (You can log out by simply returning to and, if GT Login recognizes you, selecting "Log out".)
  • Centralized Security. None of the sites that use GT Login actually see your password. GT Login receives your username and password over an encrypted SSL connection from your browser, and after verifying your identity, only passes your username back to the web application. This means your password or other credentials pass through fewer hands than if campus sites checked passwords separately.

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